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Our therapy center treats a wide variety of upper extremity injuries, from the shoulder to the finger. Since our center specializes primarily in upper extremity injuries, we are experts in our approach to each case based on scientific evidence and experience.


Examples Include
  • Therapy after flexor tendon repair in the hand using an algorithm based on tendon adherence
  • Early functional range of motion exercises immediately after fracture fixation
  • Early functional range of motion exercises using hinged orthoses after elbow fracture dislocation
  • The evaluation and treatment of partial hand amputations based on either restoration of length or movement with a prosthesis, retraining the hand or using compensatory strategies.
  • Device control and ADL retraining with a prosthesis after upper extremity limb loss
  • Evaluation and treatment of scapular position and stability in the patient with shoulder rotator cuff impingement syndrome.
  • Evaluate the relationship of proximal flexibility and strength in shoulder or elbow pain during activity
  • Custom fabricated articulating and non-articulating orthoses (splints) custom made for the patient


Other Services We Offer
  • ADL kitchen and living area in order to simulate and practice certain ADL skills
  • Measure and calculate impairment ratings
  • Nerve conduction velocity evaluation with pre-configured electrodes
  • Biofeedback machine to retrain inhibited muscles
  • BTE work simulator machine
  • Whirlpool for wound care
  • Observation hours
  • An annual continuing education course
  • Level II occupational therapy fieldwork students
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