Georgia Hand Therapy Specialists

An injury to an upper extremity can keep you from work, caring for your family, physical activity, and your favorite hobbies. It is hard to imagine daily life without a properly functioning hand, shoulder, or elbow. 

We know how frustrating this can be. Our mission at Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow is to assist our patients in reaching the highest level of functional independence. 

We view therapy as a combination of art and science, and we find the perfect balance to provide advanced therapy. Our goal is to build a safe, engaging environment for you to learn, grow, and heal. 

Visit us at one of our two locations: 2061 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA, 30309, or 620 Cherokee Street Suite 200, Marietta, GA, 30060. 

Our specialized hand and upper extremity rehabilitation services will get you back to your feet–or should we say, hands!—in no time.

GHSE Occupational Therapy In-Depth

Whether your injury is chronic or the result of a traumatic event, we are here for you. We provide exercises and insight to decrease pain during daily activities and provide post-surgery care. 

At GHSE, our physicians and therapists work closely within the same practice for maximum efficiency and personalization. There is no disconnect between physicians and therapists. We do our best to prevent impractical treatment as a result of miscommunication.

During your evaluation, a professional therapist will identify the key complications from your injury. They will work with you to prioritize your goals and form a treatment plan. 

We employ experts in each step of treatment plans, including practicing joint and soft tissue manual mobilization techniques, caring for wounds, fitting you with custom splints and support aides, teaching stretches and exercises, and helping you compensate after an injury.

Georgia Hand Therapy

At GHSE, we hire only the most skilled specialists. Any hand therapist that is not yet certified by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) will soon earn this distinct designation as they begin working with patients.

What We Do in Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Our physicians and therapists draw from scientific evidence and personal experience, providing expert care. As providers that specialize primarily in upper extremity injuries, we provide knowledge beyond that of more general providers.


Your first appointment will be an in-depth evaluation of your injury and needs. We will discuss not only the activities that are causing you pain but also which part of each activity is most frustrating. 

We pride ourselves on forming personalized treatment plans. Once we understand you and your injury, we will design an individualized plan and help you set reasonable goals to maximize your recovery time. 


Our team has experience implementing many treatments. We can care for damage in a variety of ways, including fitting you with custom splints and braces. 

If your muscles are stiff or causing pain, we have access to paraffin wax, Fluidotherapy machines, and hot packs that can decrease pain and improve your range of motion. 

Weak and inhibited muscles, on the other hand, will require strengthening exercises. If your dexterity is temporarily compromised, we can teach you exercises to regain what was lost. If your injury has resulted in the loss of a limb, we will train you in how to comfortably wear and utilize a prosthetic.

If you require an at-home program, we will be happy to develop one for you. All of our treatments are designed to work with you and your specific needs. 

Other Services We Offer

Sometimes, typical hand therapy isn’t enough. We provide access to other equipment on an as-needed basis. 

You may benefit from whirlpools to cleanse your wound as well as guidance on home management for your wound.

If you have a workers’ compensation injury, we can provide specialized care. We also measure and calculate an impairment rating, which may be recommended by your physician. 

Using this rating, we can assess your impairment or disability, which may relate to compensation calculated when you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Biofeedback can show you how your body functions to improve your control. Likewise, nerve conduction velocity evaluation with pre-configured electrodes can identify nerve damage to aid your recovery process. We can provide both of these things to hasten your recovery safely. 

At our practice, you will also have access to a BTE work simulator machine for exercise and a mock kitchen and living area. There, you can practice real-life skills in a natural environment with your therapist right beside you.

Georgia Occupational Therapy for the Professional

Our professionals offer several approaches to hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, all backed by evidence and experience. Whatever help you need to get back to your life, we will provide you with expert care and consultation.

Examples Include…

Algorithms based on tendon adherence aid us in determining the best therapy following flexor tendon repair. 

Early functional range of motion exercises immediately following your injury will help you return to your normal activities. If you are faced with elbow fracture-dislocation, we can show you these exercises using hinged orthoses. 

We provide treatment for scapular position and stability following shoulder rotator cuff impingement syndrome that will help you regain your full range of motion. 

We evaluate the relationship between proximal flexibility and strength to develop a treatment plan for shoulder or elbow pain.

Our therapists can customize articulating and non-articulating splints for your injury. 

We will train you in prostheses to restore length or movement after a partial hand amputation with amputee therapy. Professionals at GHSE can also help you retrain your hand and teach you strategies to compensate for the loss.

Other Services We Offer

Along with our previously mentioned services, we will observe your injury to further our understanding of your needs. We offer an annual continuing education course, as well as after-surgery consultations and care.

Our practice employs Level II occupational therapy fieldwork students. If you are training to become an upper extremity therapist, our practice offers observational hours and chances to shadow licensed professionals.  

Georgia’s Rehabilitation Experts

Providing you with the best possible Georgia occupational therapy is our top priority. We employ therapists who work only for GHSE. They must undergo a rigorous training process specifically for hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. 

Our therapists communicate directly with our orthopedic surgeons. You can rest assured that your therapist will perform the treatments your surgeon recommends. 

Together, you, your therapist, and your surgeon will make a personalized treatment plan to relieve your pain, restore function in your injured extremity, return to your previous quality of life, and meet your physical and emotional needs.

Every injury is unique, as is each patient. We offer several rehabilitation services to fit your individual needs. Regardless of the severity of your wound, we can treat it. 

Throughout your treatment process, our therapists will educate you on each step of recovery. You will return home knowing how to care for your injury independently. 

Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow has two locations in Georgia. Visit our Atlanta office at 2061 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA, 30309, or call 404-352-3522. 

Our Marietta location is at 620 Cherokee Street, Suite 200, Marietta, GA, 30060, or you can reach us at 770-795-7979. Call or visit either of our locations to begin your road to rehabilitation today.