Types Of Wrist Surgery

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Our wrists have a major impact on our lives. If you are in pain and conservative treatment has not been able to relieve your pain, hand and wrist surgery may be the next step.

If your pain persists despite a variety of non-surgical treatments, our hand and wrist specialists can help. We have offices conveniently located in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia. Schedule an appointment with us today to receive the high-quality relief you deserve!

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Common Wrist Surgeries

Some common types of wrist surgery include the following:

Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel release surgery is used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel develops when your median nerve is compressed for an extended period. During this procedure, your transverse carpal ligament will be cut to decrease the pressure on your median nerve.

Thumb Basilar (CMC) Joint Arthroplasty

Thumb replacement can be used to treat arthritis of the thumb. Replacement may be recommended if the thumb joint deteriorates and cannot be resolved with splinting, anti-inflammatory medication, or cortisone injections. During thumb basilar joint arthroplasty, the joint is either reconstructed or replaced.

Wrist Fracture Surgery

If you have broken the bones of your wrist, you may need surgery to realign and fix them in position. An incision is made in the wrist to gain access. The bones may then be fixed using plates or screws, allowing them to heal properly.

Dupuytren’s Contracture Release

Dupuytren’s contracture is when the tissue of the hand thickens and contracts over time. The tissue may pull on the fingers, making it difficult to straighten them.

Two types of surgical procedures may be used to improve finger motion. Fasciotomy is when the cord of tissue is divided. Partial palmar fasciectomy is where the surgeon will remove as much of the cords and abnormal tissue as possible to allow your fingers to straighten.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis Surgery

This condition occurs when the tendons of the thumb become irritated and swell inside the sheath. Surgery can be used to release the tendon sheath, allowing more room for the irritated tendons to move.

Ganglion Cyst Excision

Ganglion cysts are non-cancerous lumps that form in the hands. They can affect the range of motion of the wrist and you may experience pain. If the cysts return after draining, it may be recommended to have them removed.

Wrist Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a procedure used to treat and diagnose problems. The surgeon will insert a tiny camera and tools inside a small incision to gain access to the wrist. This surgery is ideal for treating ligament tears, synovitis, and fractures.

Risks of Wrist Surgery

As is the case with all surgical procedures, there are some risks involved with having wrist surgery. These risks include:

Additional Wrist Surgery Procedures

Although not as common, there are some additional surgical procedures that can be performed on the wrist.

  • Tendon Repair: When tendons in your hands and wrist are cut or torn, surgery may be necessary to repair them.
  • Wrist Resection Arthroplasty or Joint Replacement: Sometimes, the damage is so severe that it requires removing some of the bones and interposing soft tissue or artificial components. The main goal is to alleviate your pain while allowing mobility. This procedure is used to treat wrist pain that is caused by severe arthritis or injury.
  • Wrist Fusion: Wrist fusion (also known as wrist arthrodesis) is a procedure your doctor may recommend for severe arthritis. During a total fusion procedure, all of the carpal bones in your wrist will be permanently fused (fixed) along with your radius (forearm bone). Wrist fusion reduces pain and increases the strength and stability of your wrist.

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