Revision Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgery

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Revision shoulder arthroplasty surgery is sometimes necessary to correct or repair issues related to a previous total shoulder replacement.

If you are experiencing chronic shoulder pain and have been considering shoulder replacement revision surgery, it’s important to consult with a qualified orthopedic surgeon. 

At Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow, we offer expert care and personalized treatment plans to help you regain your mobility and quality of life. We have locations in Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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About Total Shoulder Joint Replacement

Total shoulder joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which both sides of the shoulder joint are replaced with artificial prostheses. This includes replacing the humeral head and the glenoid cavity that make up the ball and socket joint. This procedure aims to relieve pain, swelling, and stiffness caused by conditions such as shoulder arthritis, where the cartilage is damaged.

What Is Revision Shoulder Arthroplasty?

Revision shoulder arthroplasty is a procedure used to correct or repair a previous total shoulder arthroplasty procedure. It may involve replacing parts that have become loose or worn or revising parts that are painful or unstable.

When Is Revision Total Shoulder Replacement Considered?

At times, complications can occur after a total shoulder replacement is performed. These complications can lead to persistent pain, stiffness, weakness, or instability. The following list contains some of the reasons you may need a revision shoulder replacement.

  • Formation of bone spurs
  • Scar tissue growth is affecting the function of the shoulder joint
  • Supporting muscles are not strong enough
  • Rotator cuff failure
  • Injury to the surrounding nerves during previous surgery
  • Imbalances in the soft tissue
  • Loose bodies
  • Component loosening
  • Component failure

Preparing for the Procedure

Before revision shoulder replacement is performed, your orthopedic surgeon will want to review your medical history and perform a physical examination. They will also review the results of imaging tests, such as X-rays or MRI scans, to get a detailed view of the inside of your shoulder. With all this information, they will decide the best approach during surgery.

How Is Revision Shoulder Replacement Surgery Done?

Revision shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure done to correct any complications or structural deficiencies that may arise during or after a primary shoulder replacement. It may involve the removal of one or two previous prosthetic parts and the installation of new components.

The following is an outline of the steps typically taken when performing revision shoulder replacement surgery:

  1. The patient is placed under general anesthesia and prepped for surgery.
  2. An incision is made in the area around the shoulder joint to expose the prosthetic parts and surrounding soft tissue. These are usually made in the same place as the previous incisions.
  3. If the prosthetic components are damaged or otherwise compromised, they will be carefully removed.
  4. Once all components have been successfully fitted and secured, the incision can be closed and a dressing applied to protect it as it heals in preparation for rehabilitation exercises prescribed by your doctor post-surgery.

Recovering From Revision Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Initially, you will be required to wear a sling to allow the shoulder to recover. However, following the direction of your surgeon or physical therapist, you will begin gentle movements to keep your shoulder joint from becoming too stiff.

Full recovery from revision shoulder surgery usually takes a little longer than your original surgery.

Restore the Function of Your Shoulder

If you’re suffering from chronic shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, or weakness following a total shoulder replacement, it might be time to consider revision shoulder replacement surgery. At Georgia Hand, Shoulder, & Elbow, we specialize in providing effective solutions for shoulder pain relief.

Our experienced surgeons can help you regain mobility and improve your quality of life. We have locations in Atlanta and Marietta, GA. Contact us today to learn more about our shoulder replacement surgery options!

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