Types of Hand Surgery

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There are several surgical treatments available to address the various complications and conditions that affect the hands, wrists, and fingers. This article discusses these various treatments and the conditions each one is for.

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What Is Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery is a specialized field of medicine that deals with the treatment and management of hand conditions. It includes a wide range of procedures, from reconstructive surgeries to treating birth defects and trauma, to arthroscopic procedures to diagnose and treat joint problems. Hand surgeons also perform microsurgical procedures such as tendon transfers, nerve repairs, and nerve grafts.

The goal of hand surgery is to preserve or restore function in the hands by addressing the underlying medical condition causing the pain or disability. Hand surgeons are familiar with a variety of techniques and technologies, including endoscopy, ultrasound, radiographs, neurologic testing, and physical therapy.

Overall, if you are experiencing hand pain or disability due to an injury or medical condition, it is important to see an experienced hand specialist who can help diagnose your problem and provide you with treatment options best suited to your individual needs.

Different Types of Hand Surgery

The purpose of hand surgery is to restore hand and finger function. Below are some of the common hand and wrist surgical procedures.

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

This surgery is performed to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that occurs when the median nerve in the wrist becomes compressed due to swelling or inflammation of the tendons and ligaments in the area. During carpal tunnel surgery, an incision is made over the carpal tunnel and some of the tissue surrounding it is removed in order to relieve pressure on the median nerve.

Trigger Finger Surgery

Also known as trigger thumb release surgery, this procedure is used to address trigger finger or trigger thumb, a condition that causes pain and stiffness when attempting to bend and straighten certain fingers or thumbs due to a constricting tendon sheath.

Your finger or thumb often gets locked in a curled or bent position. The surgeon will make an incision over the affected tendon sheath and loosen it in order to decrease stiffness and promote flexibility of movement.

Hand Reconstructive Surgery

This type of surgery can be used for a variety of different conditions, including hand deformities resulting from trauma or birth defects, rheumatoid arthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, as well as other conditions that cause impaired function or motion of one or more joints in the hand. Reconstructive surgery involves realigning tendons, ligaments, and bones with meticulous attention to detail in order to restore proper range of motion and function of the affected joints.

Tendon Repair Surgery

Tendon injuries include tears and strains due to injury or overuse. They must be surgically repaired using sutures and/or pins in order for them to heal properly.

Depending on the severity of damage done, either an end-to-end technique (wherein separated ends of the tendon are reconnected) or a patch technique (wherein synthetic material such as mesh is used to attach torn ends together) may be employed by your surgeon. This type of surgery has a high success rate in restoring hand function.

Joint Replacement Surgery

When joints are damaged beyond repair, they can be replaced with an artificial joint. The procedures performed can include wrist joint replacement or replacement of the finger joints or those in the base of the hand. The joint is replaced with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic.

Joint Fusion Surgery

This type of surgery is commonly used for patients suffering from severe arthritis in their hand joints which has caused persistent pain or instability despite conservative treatments such as medications or injections. In joint fusion surgery, damaged cartilage between two adjacent bones is removed before those bones are permanently joined together with metal implants, which allow fusion between them over time.

Nerve Repair Surgery

Nerve damage can occur through trauma. There are three methods of nerve repair depending on the damage done. Direct nerve repair rejoins two ends of a damaged nerve back together. A nerve graft can be used to bridge the gap between two damaged nerves that are too far apart to reconnect. A nerve transfer can be used when it is not possible to reconnect two damaged nerves together.

Surgical Drainage/Debridement

Drainage and debridement can be used to clear out inflammation, pus, and infected tissue caused by hand infections.

Risks Associated with Hand Surgery

As with all surgical procedures, there is an element of risk. Your physician will be able to discuss the specific risks associated with the surgical procedure you will be opting for. The following list contains some of the general risks associated with hand surgeries:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Loss of movement and/or feeling in your hand or fingers
  • Blood clots

Get Professional Hand Care

Consulting an orthopedic physician can help you to find solutions for a range of physical conditions. They will work together with you to help you resume your everyday activities after hand surgery.

At Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow, we offer professional treatment for many hand and wrist conditions. Our specialists will assess your symptoms to identify the most suitable treatment methods for your situation. They may also suggest that you try specific therapies and even recommend certain exercises to help restore your range of motion. They can even help when it comes to reducing swelling after hand surgery

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