GHSE Hosts Hand2Hand Atlanta 2019

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow hosted a day of surgery at Georgia Surgical Center on Peachtree for its annual Hand2Hand Charity day. This is the third annual Hand2Hand event in association with the American Society for Surgery of the Hand’s Touching Hands Project.

The surgeons and staff of Georgia Surgical Center on Peachtree, along with volunteers from Mednax Anesthesiology, nurses, OR techs, occupational therapists and volunteers from the community lent a hand to perform surgery on deserving patients who are either un-insured or under insured. The surgeons performed surgery on 13 patients in two operating rooms. All surgery, follow up care and therapy services will be provided to these patients at no cost to them.

The inspiration for this day of service arose from the observation that many surgeons and volunteers fly to other countries to help, when there are plenty of patients right in their own community who could benefit from these services. Many of these patients are hardworking individuals, but cannot afford either health insurance or the deductibles required to get the help they need. These patients have been identified by working with local health centers such as Good Samaritan.

Each year additional hand centers have joined this great cause by hosting their own events. We are pleased that this year 9 other hand centers, including San Francisco Surgery Center, Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center and Vanderbilt Orthopedic Institute participated.



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