GHSE Hosts Hand2Hand Atlanta 2017

On Saturday, November 10th, 2017 the surgeons at Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow (GHSE) partnered with the Touching Hands Program to lead the first domestic service project that was sponsored by the American Foundation of Surgery of the Hand. Over 30 volunteers kindly contributed their time and expert skills to provide free medical care and surgical services to patients who needed hand and upper extremity care in the Atlanta community. 

The healthcare practitioners at GHSE partnered with local healthcare institutions including Mercy Care of Atlanta and Good Samaritan to evaluate over 50 cases for patient care 6 months prior to the event date. After the cases were evaluated, the patients were referred to several health care plans that included the need for surgical intervention. A total of 13 patients underwent 16 procedures to satisfy their surgical needs.

This charitable day of surgery was made possible by several volunteer expert healthcare professionals such as surgical technicians, orthopaedic technicians, anesthesiologists, postoperative nurses, occupational therapists, surgical nurses, nurse anesthetists, and patient management experts who came together to provide for the needs of the patients. The Anesthesia services for the patients were provided by Nate Baldwin and his associates from Piedmont Anesthesia Associates.  

It is the mission of the Touching Hands Program to facilitate the care of patients with extremity disorders both abroad and in the local communities. The goal for this charitable day was to focus on the needs of the local community. Thankfully our goal was achieved by all of the kind-hearted volunteers who made the day possible. 

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