GHSE Hosts Hand2Hand Atlanta 2017

On Saturday November 10, 2017 over 30 volunteers contributed their expertise and time to provide free medical evaluation and surgical services for patients needing hand and upper extremity care in our Atlanta community.  Partnering with the Touching Hands Program, the surgeons at Georgia Hand Shoulder and Elbow (GHSE) led the first domestic service project sponsored by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand.

The physicians at Georgia Hand Shoulder and Elbow partnered locally with Mercy Care of Atlanta and Good Samaritan to evaluate over 50 cases for care in the 6 months leading up to the event date.  After evaluation, patients were referred for a variety of care plans that included the need for surgical intervention.  Last Saturday, 13 patients underwent 16 procedures to satisfy that need.   Nate Baldwin and his associates from Piedmont Anesthesia Associates provided all Anesthesia services needed for these patients.

On this day, volunteers with expertise in multiple areas made the care possible. Surgical nurses, surgical technicians, occupational therapists, pre-operative nurses, post-operative nurses, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetists, orthopaedic technicians, and patient management experts came together to provide all the needed services for these patients.  The day was actively supported by the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand through the Touching Hands Program.  It is the mission of Touching Hands Program to facilitate the care for patients with upper extremity disorders both at home and abroad. 

Our goal was to provide a “mission trip” in our community.  It’s important to recognize that our local community has many needs, and we have the resources to respond. We achieved our goal with the help of many and sincerely thank all of the volunteers who made the day possible. 


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